My favorite painting and an outing to the MOA at BYU

Monday, December 9, 2013

Last week we went to the new Carl Bloch exhibit at the MOA at BYU. Some of the paintings are on loan from a private castle/estate in Denmark and have never been loaned out before and will never be loaned out again. Pretty sweet we got to see them! I shared with Nate that while he feels closest to God outdoors, among His creations, I often feel closest to God viewing religious art (especially this one). Carl Bloch and others at this exhibit have a beautiful gift that speak to my soul. So glad we went.

Brian Kershisnik's Nativity 
I loved seeing this painting too (I think it's part of their permanent collection). It's larger than life, literally. And I love that it gives a realistic portrait of Mary nursing, with midwives looking on (as I believe it is unlikely in a city as large as Bethlehem that she did it all alone) and Joseph's prayer of gratitude. I find it interesting to think about all the unmentioned people that must have been involved: family and friends that Mary & Joseph traveled with, the innkeeper, midwives etc etc. And that contrasted with what we can't see, the numberless angels singing praises to our newborn Lord. I would love to have this in our house. I haven't been able to find prints of this. Only reproductions for $1400+ soooo..... 

We walked around a bit reminiscing with a mint brownie and old-fashioned donut. I made Nate drive all over campus so I could see the new buildings. Bridger enjoyed chasing the ducks! And while I am really jealous students now have a Chik-fil-a in the Cougareat, Nate and I agreed it's probably for the best it came after I graduated. I would have weighed 200 pounds. 

While in the Cougareat, I had some awkward eye contact with an old flame from before I met Nate. I couldn't help smile as we walked past, because here I am with my hunky husband with our adorable toddler on his shoulders. Just a good moment once again realizing I am so very happy with this path I have chosen. 

Also, I am so excited to take Bridger to the renovated Bean Life Museum this spring! It's gonna look amazing! I took some paparazzi photos as we drove by.


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