Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The last two years I have done a weekly post of things I am grateful for during November. That did not happen this year. I blame it on the toddler. So despite that and my lack of daily FB posts of gratitude, I am a grateful person.

I'm thankful for the perfect two little hands and two little feet we saw on the ultrasound last week. So comforting to know he is growing healthily and well.

I'm thankful for the little toddler lips that kiss me on the lips for longer periods of time everyday. He cracks up afterward each time, like he knows this is getting awkward. Love him.

I'm thankful for the strong hands that work for us everyday. So, so grateful I can stay at home to goof off, I mean be with Bridger ;)

I'm thankful for this weird old house. It's ugly but works for us. I think of Feist's song Mushaboom a lot. It's following our life creepily well. I blogged about it a couple years ago. We were dreaming about babies and living in a second-floor apartment back then. Now we are making a home from a rented house and dreaming about owning acres on a little dirt road. Let's hope it keeps following our lives!

I'm grateful for the word of God. Since I got my iPhone, I've been reading my scriptures using the Gospel Library app. But I've gone back to the real deal the last few weeks and I love it. I love seeing all the highlighting and notes I've taken since I was 8. There is just something special about turning a page and touching each word.

I'm grateful for breakfast. The last few months I've been making real breakfasts more and more often. I don't know why I was so lazy before. Cereal and milk for me. Dry cereal and a banana for Bridger. I'm a stay at home mom for goodness sake! I have the time to make breakfast. It started with these blueberry biscuits. I'm sad berries aren't in season anymore. Now it's often grits and eggs. Homemade biscuits and jam. (I hyperventilated when my mom's peach jam ran out this week!) Pancakes or waffles. Or even sausage or bacon with eggs and grits or biscuits. Makes me think of my dad. He always made breakfast for us everyday before school/seminary. Too many times I slept in and didn't show him any appreciation. But Dad, I noticed and I am carrying on the tradition!



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