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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Some things I've been up to lately (since obviously blogging isn't one of them):
  • Baking. Oh I love it. Mostly various types of lemon breads. Mmmm.
  • Also making other things from scratch. Pizza dough (easiest thing on the planet), pie crusts (above). Yum.
  • Organizing my food board on Pinterest. Once I make a recipe from my Food board, I move it to my Pinned & Done board and make a few notes about it. It's been so very helpful during the daily "what am I going to cook??!" whine/lament. 
  • Starting and stopping various projects. (Sewing blankets, making a height chart etc)
  • Completing a few projects (hemming some vintage table runners and napkins from Nate's Grandma; making new slip-covers from my glider)
  • Spilling candle wax on the couch. Oops. 
  • Getting some Christmas shopping/projects done.
  • Eating everything in sight. Getting fat.
  • Growing a human being! A boy!
  • Raising a human being. Bridger brings me so much happiness.
  • Buying second-hand books from the kiddos. I get so excited about this!
  • Dreaming about our future. Cabin. Land on a lake. Horses. Babies. Little farm.
  • Instagramming. This family is super inspiring. Follow her!
  • Being grateful. Another post about that later. 
So now you're all caught up :)


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