This morning

Monday, October 28, 2013

Because every post needs a photo. Diamond Fork Canyon last weekend.

So really...Instagram has eaten my blog. Sigh. It's just too easy. But since Nate and I switched phones today so he can use mine for the maps, I'll do a quick post just for old time's sake ;)

This morning we are watching the leaves dance in the chilly air.
We are making apple chips for the first time.
And listening to Justin Nozuka.

Currently reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. I'm enjoying the positive stories of natural childbirth. (But I'll admit, there is some weeeeird stuff in there). I like that many of these women didn't practice a certain method or philosophy during pregnancy, they simply trusted their bodies and had supportive people around them at the time of birth. I'm finding my "you can do it!" attitude. Also searching for a good doula. Know of one?

And now a message from Bridger:
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  1. I love Justin Nozuka! Loved Bridger's message, as well. And you can do it!!! Mad props to you for going au natural!


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