Rappelling in Little Cottonwood

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

After hiking to Cecret Lake, we met up with Scott & Erika at Lisa Falls to rappel. This is seriously an awesome rappel. Maybe you shouldn't take my word for it since I've only been 3 times now. But it was fun, OK?

Erika stayed with Bridger and I at the bottom while the boys hiked/crawled around to install all the gear. Bridger enjoyed tasting and then throwing all the rocks.

Oh! Crazy thing--we were here a few months ago and the falls were all shaded. It was hard to get good photos because of all the shade. We get there and now it looks completely different! Turns out that a few weeks ago during a big storm, all these boulders crashed down the falls and completely changed the look of the falls. Nuts, huh?

Erika being all pro and going down through the water.

Nate coming down. Scott is standing in this awesome pool of water that is part of the falls. 

This rappel is more scary in some ways because there are all these points of decision. The other one I've done you just have to decide to back over the edge. Then I pray nothing goes wrong and speak instructions aloud to myself as I go down. But on this one, there are several ledges to back over. So you have to keep deciding to go down. (Really the choice is keep going or stay on the ledge forever). The trees also caused some problems. They're more like bushes but the rope kept getting caught. 

Nate met me in the pool and gave me a pep talk. ;)

Going down

I like this one because I'm finally over my fear and enjoying myself.

Rappelling Lisa Falls made us think it's time we learn to actually climb. Lead climbing scares me but I think we could learn to top-rope this one. I'm so grateful I have a husband who encourages me to do adventurous things and helps me face my fears! I'm always glad I did it! And now I can tell baby #2 all the cool things he/she has already done...in utero!


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