Sunday, June 9, 2013

We were super pumped to kayak around Jordanelle Reservoir. We arrived and got Bridger in his life jacket. He then proceeded to have the biggest fit of his life. So we backed off, took off his life jacket and let him have a snack. After settling down and letting him stretch his legs, we tried again. We strapped on his jacket and then strapped him into the front of my kayak. Another huge fit. So once again, I held him in my lap and Nate paddled. He was still acting crazy and did not want to be still. It was not a fun day. We decided we probably should just give up having fun until we're 40.

It was just one of the those real, oh what did we get ourselves into??! moments. On the drive home we agreed we were pretty naive to think that Bridger would be fine with sitting in the front of the boat alone. I was pretty confident in thinking that he would be safe. He would be buckled in and I would be within arm's reach. But in hindsight, that was still a risky idea. Totally first-time parents over here. But we talked about how once Bridger is old enough to appreciate adventures like this, we'll have another one his age and on and on until we're 40. Having fun as a family seemed so far in the future in this moment.

Despite that low moment, we continue to attempt outdoor fun as a family. We just have to tweak it a bit. For now, we'll have to take turns kayaking. But we can hike together, with lots of breaks and water.    The important thing is to keep trying. And this summer is gonna be full of persistance!


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