Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A few weeks ago I turned 23. The day before that, I heard Taylor Swift's song 22. And I laughed because that is not at all how 22 was for me. This is just my opinion, but maybe that song should be called "16". But I suppose there are far more single and wild 22 year-olds than there are married and tame, such as myself.

This tree in our yard bloomed just for me on my birthday :)

Anyway, here is a jumble of thoughts about how I feel about where I am in life and things I have learned.

I love that I have come to appreciate the outdoors so much. I find so much joy when I am in the mountains, among the tall trees.

I have come to appreciate simple clothing style. Some of this has come from breastfeeding and being a mom. But putting on jeans, a zip-up base layer and moccasins is just the best. And it just makes the occasional excuse to dress up all pretty even more fun.

I love being a mom. Bridger is a true source of joy. I'm not perfect at parenting but I put my heart and soul into it.

Getting married to Nate is bottom-line the best decision I have ever made. I am expanded and strengthened because of him. Pulling in close to him every night to talk about our little family, our dreams and ideas is my favorite.

Less is more. Having fewer possessions has been so freeing for me. I try to only bring things into my own that are meaningful, useful or beautiful.

Bring a raincoat. Being prepared with the right equipment in every situation makes it all run smoother.

Thinking back to when I planned to travel the world and be a business woman and not get married until I was at least 25...sometimes I have a little wanderlust and wish I could just skip over to Switzerland for a week. But the thing is, the things that bring me joy, bring me more joy when I share them with my family.  I'm glad I married young. Becoming the woman I want to be has been facilitated by my sweet husband. He constantly encourages me to experience more and learn new things.

I am so happy with the life I have. I am truly blessed. Here's to an awesome year! Bring it on 23!


  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts! I too will never regret marrying early. Adam has been a true rock for me and I love our adventures together.
    There is so much in store for your 20s, little sis! Enjoy every minute:)


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