Living in luxury

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm sitting out on the porch in a comfy chair with Bridger content and asleep in his sling as we listen to a waterfall...yeah I think we are really gonna like our new apartment. 

We have been gradually moving out of our Wymount apartment the past several days. Nate says I stress him out too much so I'm not allowed to help him move or clean out anymore. That's fine with me! :) He does a great job with things on his own schedule. I'm just a planner and to-do list kind of person. Nate's laid-back style works for him just great though. 

Thanks to some relatives in the area, we have moved into their basement apartment for an incredible monthly rent. They have a gorgeous home and yard (yes, with a waterfall). We are super blessed. I was just beside myself with happiness as I loaded our dishwasher last night. And having our own washer and dryer is a definite plus. No more laundromats for us! (For now). 

As nice as this place is, we hope we aren't here more than 2-3 months. By that time, Nate will hopefully have a good full-time job and we can move somewhere more permanent. But for now we can enjoy this furnished apartment and spread out in our California king-size bed!

As soon as we get our desktop set up (where I upload photos), I'll post some photos!


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