Weekend wrap-up

Friday, March 16, 2012

Our week looked a little like this...

 Sweet little baby feet.

Seeing Nate's dad Ryan working this week reminded me of my dad. So quirky! :)

Another sale at Gymboree. Couldn't resist the little moose cords!

And a growing baby bump! There really is a baby in there!

We've really had a lot of fun with Nate's family in town this week. There really is nothing better than family. We have eaten like kings all week thanks to Aunt Lora. And my decision to have only 2 desserts a week has been seriously interrupted thanks to Aunt Wendy and her delicious creations. 

I'm getting really close to finishing my class! Thank goodness! Nate has heard some positive things from jobs this week, so maybe we won't be homeless this summer! (Always a good thing when you're having a baby and all! Yikes.)

Other randomness from around the web this week:
Wish I could find this swimsuit at Target! Out of stock online :(
Love this print. I can totally make it myself.
I love the illustrations (and the message of course) in this video.

Have a lovely weekend!


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