Family Time in Park City

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!! 
While I don't know much of what 2012 will hold, let's just reminiscence about the holidays a little more, OK?


So (part of) my family was here for Christmas! The week before Christmas, we stayed in Park City. We skied, sat by the fire, sipped hot chocolate and just had a good time together. 

 I seriously risked my life for this photo. I almost fell down the hill...backwards. 

 Me and my sweet Mama :)

 We all bonded over our falls and other mishaps.

At the end of the day: really sore and ready to warm up!


 We have become a family of mocassin wearers :)

 Not much snow at all out here, even in Park City!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! More adventures to share later this week!


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