Header/Title Troubles

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I cannot for the life of me think of a clever name for this blog! It started as Eclectic Sky and I honestly cannot remember what I used as a header back then. Once I got started really doing something with this blog, I changed the URL to my name because what does eclectic sky mean anyway? And later on I added "Finding the Beauty" to the header as a title mainly because that's my personal philosophy. But I never really connected the blog content to the title, did you? 

So I've been racking my brain the past couple weeks for a fitting title for this photography/adventure/style/married/thrifted sort of blog. "Welcome to the Parr Life" is the best so far which really shows how creative I can be with words. (ha) It does sort of fit because well, this blog is about our life. And "welcome the _____ life" is something I use in daily conversation (mainly with Nate), used most often in sarcasm. 

Example 1
Nate, "I cannot find my wallet!" 
Me, (knowing this happens 4-5 times a week) "Welcome to Nate's life!"

Example 2
Nate, "I have another fee on my BYU account! What the??"
Me, "Welcome to college life!"

I'm so witty, right? ha. Anyway, the runner up was a play on words with "Up to Parr." Meh. Not too crazy about it. So I have used "Welcome to the Parr Life" and made a completely new header because simply, I was tired of the old one.


Well what do you think of the new header and title?
Is the title too bland? Got any better ideas?
More photos or less photos for the header?
Different color for the header?
I want to know what you think!!


  1. clever :) oh and about that up to Parr one, I always say that..so that is a cool one too!

  2. My vote for the title is: Parr for the course.


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