The hair

Monday, November 21, 2011

Remember how I asked for you input about hair a few months ago? Well I finally got the nerve and.....

I chopped it all off. 

Here are some photos to demonstrate the journey:

The before. The longest my hair has ever been!

Ah! I was slightly hyperventilating at this point. But being able to donate it was worth it!

And the after. Basically I got it chopped off, with lots of loose layers. Oh, and I got a body wave. 4.5 hours at the salon. Pretty brutal. But I am pretty happy with the result. It's just a big change!

With this short cut, I walk out the door in the morning feeling strange. Naked even. Like I forgot something important like...pants. But then I realize that Oh! it's just my hair that I forgot. It's all gone. Well, not all of it. But it feels that way. It feels strange to not have that weight on my back. Other benefits include, but are not limited to: no longer does my hair get caught in my backpack, purse, coat or scarf and perhaps we will save money on shampoo? And thankfully I still have a (stubby) ponytail!

I remember the last time I chopped it off, right before I graduated high school. I cried for like a day. But this time, I guess I am more dedicated to it, ya know? I like it. And it's just less of a hassle than my looong heavy mane.

Have you ever done something drastic with your hair?
 Did it scare you as well? Did you like the result?


  1. very cute! growing mine out for the same reason. I think that will help when i chop it off.

  2. I like it a lot Lacey! Good job!!!


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