Rules for My Daughters: Part 2

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My lovely and inspiring sisters :)

This post is a continuation of a post I did in December. I have again made a list (while procrastinating homework) that I hope my future daughters will consider. It's interesting to re-read what I have put in these lists and see if I am following my own rules.
  1. Be thoughtful when giving gifts. Hand-made is almost always better than something else more expensive.
  2. Get to know your aunts. They are actually a bit smarter than your mother ;)
  3. When a guy takes you to a nice restaurant, be kind and do not order the most expensive item on the menu.
  4. Give a toast.
  5. If it’s a friend’s party, stay to help and clean up.
  6. Bring tissues. And mints.
  7. Drink lots of water.
  8. Listen to your Grandfather’s stories. He’s pretty smart too.
  9. Listen to your dad and wear warm socks.
  10. Use a planner.
  11. Don’t give into the idea that your life ends when you get married. Your life starts when you get married (at least the best part of your life does)!
  12. Follow a reasonable budget.
  13. Don’t be afraid of the thrift stores!
  14. Take time to be quiet and just listen.
  15. Buy local.
  16. Ignore music and especially men that refer to women as “shawty.”
  17. Don’t knock it til you try it....this does not apply to alcohol and narcotics.
  18. When in doubt, wear a slip.
  19. Wear a belt.
  20. Cherish the time you have with your siblings growing up, one day you may live far away from them.
Did I miss anything? What would you add?


  1. Okay, I'm sure we met like, maybe once?, but I love reading your posts. Your first list has inspired me and honestly I've copycatted a lot of your ideas for my future children. I think I would add: "Don't be afraid to love...again. Heartbreak helps you feel alive." That is something I've lived by and always been scared of; loving after you've been hurt. But love after that it always sweeter :)

  2. Thanks Kaylee! I think once at the singles ward in Tally? And I completely agree with you about having the courage to love again. It's so true!

  3. This is sweet and adorable. Rule No. 16 made me lol. :) Love your writings.


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