Finding my village

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Some very important parts of my village! 
Since having children, and maybe even before, I have ached for the village. The one I never had. But since realizing what exactly it was that I was aching for, I have tried to find it around me. (And group texts with my sisters across the country sure helps too! ;)

I see a glimpse of my village when I help a friend buckle her kids in their seats.
I see a glimpse of my village when I say yes when a friend asks if I need help.

I see it when a friend gently corrects my child.
I see it when a friend comfortably nurses in my home.
My sis Mandi and I nursing with our cousin/friend Megan at church :)
I feel it when friends stay long in our home.
I feel it when friends welcome my children into their home.

We have finally been in a place long enough that I feel like I have a village of friends that I know and trust. Making friends is not easy for me but I am learning to take courage and reach out! And I so appreciate the women who have reached out to me! We are all better mothers and friends when we do!

Do you have a village? What makes you feel at home with people?


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