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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nate was recently offered a great position at work! We were so excited; he's been working really hard for it! That excitement took us up to Midway where we bought a 1990 Jeep Wrangler! We've wanted one forever. And it has opened up so much of the wilderness that we didn't have access to before. The first place we went was my favorite place in the world...the part of American Fork Canyon where Nate proposed!!
June 2010, just moments before he proposed (he's reaching for the ring!)

The same spot 4 years & 2 kids later! We are still so in love with each other and this beautiful place!

This is the camp spot we hung out at the day he proposed. Still gorgeous! Can't wait to come back and really camp.

Having the Jeep is making me think that maybe we don't have to have our cabin in the woods. I can deal with subdivision living if we have more access to more of the mountain like this.

 Y'all. I am most alive among the tall trees. And I hope by dragging the kids along at an early age that they learn to love it too.


  1. so so cute. I love that picture of the years later. we'll have to do that with the spot dave proposed in sometime. :)

  2. Tell Nate congrats on the new job! Now maybe you guys should drive the Jeep out here to visit! We have an extra room now and we're only an hour from Mt. Rainier. Probably should come during the summer though...


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