Hidden hike in Provo Canyon

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We had small expectations for this hike. We haven't found any photos of it online! But it's a real hidden gem in Provo Canyon. You can't see a bit of this from the highway. There was waterfall, after waterfall, after waterfall. Really. And there is tons more we didn't do. This is one we'll do again. Maybe without Bridger. This hike is a little technical and things got a little sketchy at times. This would have also been a good one for Chacos. We were forced to hike in the creek to avoid loads of bushwhacking on the way down. Totally worth it. Photos don't do it justice.

a mixture of iPhone and dslr photos

 Really hoped to find my very own deer shed. No such luck. Thought I got close when I found lots of vertebrae and a pelvis bone. Though those aren't exactly great decor pieces.

Til we meet again you big beautiful hidden hike!


  1. This looks gorgeous! There is something special about Utah-beauty!


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