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Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm thinking. I'm thinking about sharing and posting and blogging and commenting and all of that. Do I do too much? Too little? Probably not too little! I have neglected this blog more and more since I started using Instagram. I'm having trouble creating interesting content that I haven't already instagrammed. I don't want to blog everything that's already on IG. And many of our family updates end up on the private blog I have for photos of Bridger.  I really enjoyed putting together my reading/book series. Maybe I will try another similar project.

So where does that leave me? Should I even keep going with this blog? I don't know if I could ever feel any closure with ending it. But the Type-A inside me hates the lack of regular posting. So what if I made a goal to post once a week? Something relevant and interesting. No fluff. Probably.

Okay there it is. I've written it down. It's a real goal. One post a week. To keep up a little creativity and simply for the sake of documenting.


  1. I love reading your blog! Continue for sure!

  2. Oh I've been debating this for so long. Don't you feel so much pressure from it sometimes? I simply only do it to record things I'd otherwise forget.
    Keep doing it though- I've realized while being away how much I value your blog- it's so nice to feel like I can see how you're doing and what you're thinking, even though I'm not there.
    Keep it up. I'm right there with you trundling along. Haha


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