Consumption vs. production

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bridger goes to bed around 8 or 8:30 most nights and Nate isn't too far after (he has a 4:15 am alarm everyday). So I often find myself from 9-11 scanning through Instagram and Pinterest or Flipboard on my phone. That's an embarrassing confession. Because of that, I have decided on a new theme for myself this year: less consumption, more production.

To start off, I scanned through my own Pinterest boards (of which there are 31--I should sign up for Pinterest Anonymous) and chose projects I can begin now. In addition, I have tried to have more interesting and meaty blog articles. I will post on those Pinterest projects as I complete them! In place of scrolling through Facebook, I am reading more of my scriptures each night. 

Too much of my time is spent consuming media. Creating is much more enjoyable. Here's to creating more and consuming less! What motivates you to create or feel more productive?


  1. I like the theme!! Much more fulfilling than mindlessly wasting time on zee internet (which I do pretty much every hour of work).


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