Things about pregnancy I didn't learn from a book

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I read "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" and found that even though it can be really thorough, I learned many things just from experience.  I have only had one pregnancy, so I am nowhere near an expert, but I thought I would share some of the things I learned in the past 9 months.

1. Bra size increase. Of course I knew my cup size would get bigger as I progressed in my pregnancy , but  I was not aware the number size of my bra would also increase. Around 30 weeks, I was noticing a lot of back pain right in the middle of my spine, conspicously where my bra clips together. I tried on a larger cup size and that didn't seem to help the pain. Luckily, my sister suggested I try a larger number size. Let's just say I was so much more comfortable moving from a 32 to a 36. A few weeks later, I went up again to a 38. I assume this means that my rib cage has expanded to accommodate the increased size of my belly.

2. Circumcision. I didn't know this before so I thought I would share. You have to have a pediatrician for the circumcision. I guess I just thought it was magically done by someone in the hospital after the birth? We went ahead and chose one, but if you don't, they will just assign you the one who is on call at the time of your delivery. (The on-call pediatrician, or the one of your choosing, sees the baby everyday you are in the hospital as well, boy or girl). Also, this procedure requires a little more research than I had anticipated. We met with our pediatrician a few weeks before our due date and she was really helpful and answered all of our questions.

3. Contractions. They probably feel different for everyone, but it sure took me a while to realize what I was feeling. I confused them with the baby's movements for the longest time. Mine felt like a tightening/hardening across my belly. Often they were just in one spot, about as big as my hand. And I didn't feel any of the "sweeping motion" from my back to my belly that we learned about in our childbirth class.

**A post on all I know about maternity clothing is coming soon!


  1. This is AWESOME! I love reading about pregnancy and what different people experience.

    Love you girl!


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