Thursday, August 2, 2012

After a whole night of increasingly strong contractions...we have nothing to show for it. They ended around 6AM. I kept thinking all night, just a few more hours and we can head to the hospital! Haha...

I got my membranes stripped again this morning. If nothing happens tonight, I'm just gonna start planning on being induced on August 13, which is what my midwife has planned. That way, I won't be so depressed like I have been today!

I know I am being incredibly impatient. I just wanna meet our little baby!!


  1. I know it's hard to wait. I understand the feeling. My advice is to treasure these moments before baby, too. These are your last few days with just the two of you - savor it. Once baby comes you will have another magnificent creature to love and that will be worth savoring too!! I know it feels like time is standing still right now, but once he comes, time will come at a rapid speed and you will beg him to stop growing and for time to slow down once more:). I hope you have a restful night! Love you!


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