28 weeks!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Time is flying by! I am sure it will begin to crawl in the last few weeks, but now I am enjoying every moment! We love every little kick...which are starting to feel like cartwheels and somersaults! I wake up in the morning and while I hit my snooze, I place my hands on my belly and wait for baby boy to wake up too. He's usually wakes up pretty soon and I count his kicks. I snuggle up to Nate so he can feel them too. We cherish this precious little miracle every moment. Can't wait to meet our sweet baby boy!

P.S. Yesterday's ultrasound! Bless his heart, he's got his mama's nose!


  1. You're such a cute prego lady!!! Can't wait to hug you - only 2 weeks now!!!

  2. Yes, he has your nose & he's precious. Your little bump is so cute!


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