We bought a sewing machine

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So when our tax returns came in, Nate and I got real excited because we could finally buy a sewing machine! And since Nate would be using it as well, we researched together and decided a Bernina would be the best choice. (And Nate wouldn't even consider anything else). His whole family uses them and they have lasted decades. Literally. So we went to the little Bernina shop on Center Street in Provo (where Nate's mom, all his aunts and his granma purchased theirs) and found a used one at a good price. We learned all about it, tried it out and bought it on the spot. If you know Nate, you know this is a very strange series of events. Usually it goes like this: try it out 3-4 times, think about it for a few weeks, try it out a couple more times, think some more and then maybe complete the purchase. If I'm lucky. 

Anyway, this is turning into a long story. Basically we bought a sewing machine and we were really excited. 

As predicted, Nate has used it more than me so far. 

I went to the free sewing classes that came with the purchase of the machine. I took in a couple pairs of jeans to make 'em skinnies. And that's about it. 

Nate even started a baby blanket. How sweet. 

Why didn't I experiment more with this perfectly perfect sewing machine?

Honestly, sewing just intimidates me. Oh I've made the skirts, aprons and PJ bottoms that are basically a requirement to complete Young Womens. But each time I did those things, I had my mom or a team of YW leaders around who could take over and fix my mistakes. (Although, I am pretty proud of the blanket I made a couple summers ago with Kenzey. I can sew in a straight line at least). 

So this new, expensive machine seemed extra scary to me. 

Until now that is!

Because I made something!

On my own.

With the help of this tutorial.

And it fits.

Confidence BOOST. 

Just don't leave a comment on how easy a project it looks like. 

Because it is. But the point is, I faced this little fear and came out conquerer! 

Next up: maybe the little family blanket I've been talking about for ages? And than maybe pillow covers, with piping?! The sky is the limit! :)


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