Hunger Games

Saturday, March 24, 2012

met my expectations...and then some!

The book nerds. Erika & I

The camera was a little too shaky for me in the beginning.
The violence was more bloody than needed.
Peeta was more of a man than he was in the book.
And where was Gale the whole time?
I feel like they really downplayed their relationship/friendship. Lame.

But...for the most part, they stayed pretty close to the book.
Katniss is exactly as I pictured her.
She's such a beast!
And I think I teared up during Rue's death scene.
District 12 was basically how I imagined.
You know I pictured Haymitch really fat?
But I liked his character more than the one in my head!
And I liked the behind-the-scenes games-orchestrating in the Capitol.
I thought the costuming for the Capitol citizens was spot-on.
I always had a hard time having a good picture of what Cinna looked like.
The movie Cinna was really good, I think.

There were a few people dressed up as characters in the can you do that if you haven't seen the movie yet? Weird.

I don't think Nate was really happy about waiting for so long at the theater with a bunch of book nerds ;)
But for me, it was well worth the 3 hour wait in the theater for the midnight showing!


  1. I really liked how they filmed the explosion at the Cornucopia. It was really cool to only hear the ringing in Katniss' ears. I wish they would have talked about the eyes of the fallen tributes in the muttations.
    I saw the movie with some friends and loved it. I'm ready to go back to see it with Julio soon!

  2. Great movie! The whole theater was silent in amazement! I'm not much of a reader... And more of a biography girl but the movie has convinced me to try it out!

  3. I always pictured a fatter Haymitch, too! That and older. But I did like his movie character almost better than my imagination's version.


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