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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

vintage tablecloth?
Here it is, in need of some serious ironing.

I found this while cleaning out today. We purchased it at the DI last summer? Maybe? It's quite a thrifty find. All hand-embroidered, no stains or holes. Anyway, I washed it and put it away knowing I could use it for something sometime. Months have gone by while it has patiently waited to be used. But I don't have a table big enough for it. Not that I would ever actually use it seriously as a tablecloth, I would be afraid to stain it!

I considered using it has a window covering in our bedroom. But it's a little big for that too. And I have no intention of cutting it. Then Nate suggested we hang it on the wall like a tapestry. What do you think? Any other ideas? Maybe I should just save it for later?


  1. If you have a baby girl,. turn this into her bed lining or sheets for her crib.

  2. save it. you will have a bigger table later...or a quilt?

    1. I agree! I think it would be fun for special occasions at the table. Or the backing of a quilt would be cool too!


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