Saturday Walk

Monday, February 6, 2012

Recently a nurse asked me about my physical activity during my pregnancy. "How much intentional exercise do you engage in everyday?" she asked. I looked at Nate and he laughed at me. That was my wake up call. My teenage metabolism is not going to help me keep healthy anymore. I actually have to make an effort! How terrible right?  Well to ease myself into more physical activity, my goal the past couple weeks has been to walk for 30 minutes a day. Don't laugh! It's a good start, OK? And if you think I'm going to start running now, think again.  I still do a bit of yoga a few times a week as well.

So on Saturday I took my camera along on this little adventure. Maybe if I took my camera to more places with me this blog would have more content. for thought.

This here is Squaw Peak. Up there somewhere is a parking lot which is notorious for the amount of making out it has seen over the years. Don't worry, the only time we went up there when we were dating, I fell asleep before we even got to the top :)

Remnants of snow linger.

One of the 12 trees in Provo.

Have a good Monday :)


  1. aahahahah
    That's going to be me!
    AHH once my teenage metabolism fails me, i'm doomed.


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