I couldn't resist

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the sale at Gymboree this week!

 I mean, look at these! I just died when I saw that little moose.
Original price: $26.00
Sale price: $7.50

 Teeny little cords!
Original price: $32.00
Sale price:$5.50

Now all we need is our little man!

*And diapers and a crib and a car seat and everything else. 
But at least we're getting a head start on his style :)


  1. Cute! What size did you get? Make sure you're matching the season of the clothing to the size he might be around that time. Take from a mom who has made that mistake before:)

    1. The onesie is 0-3 months I think, but that's the only size they had! :( But the pants are 3-6 months. Hopefully that works out! But they were so cheap, it's no big loss if they don't.

  2. CUTE! I can/do go crazy for baby clothes!

    Have you heard of Kid to Kid? It's like Plato's Closet- but with kids stuff.
    It's a great place for basically everything- especially clothes! There's one in Lindon, Utah which is about 15 minutes north of Provo. (There used to be one in Provo near the dollar theater- but they closed it! UGH!)



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