Yay for Anya!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Project Runway Season 9! 
Did you love it? Or hate it? 
Here are my thoughts on the top 4: 

Anya! She was my favorite the whole season, so I am so thrilled for her! She is such a likeable person. While I was not very impressed with her runway show, (except for this gown) I think she has a lot of talent. Every episode, including the finale, she demonstrates that she can always pull something amazing out of nowhere! (Losing her money on one challenge and then winning that challenge, making basically a whole new line in 2 days...) For me, it was a no-brainer that she was gonna win--the judges LOVED everything she did.

Viktor was my second favorite. Honestly, I think he has the most skill and is always done on time. I really hated the sheer outfits he had in his collection...but oh that jacket (above)! Hope to see more of him!

Kimberly. She was definitely one of my favorites for the whole season. I thought her collection was the most cohesive and she definitely has a great deal of talent. Hope to see more of her as well!

Oh Joshua. Is there an award on Project Runway for most hated? I'm gonna vent a little here....his clothes were never anything amazing. He was continually hating on everyone and definitely more than a little full of himself. And who in their right mind would wear plastic and neoprene? Seriously? I think they just kept him on for the drama factor.

Fun fact: Nate might like Project Runway just as much as me. He's a sucker for good drama ;)

What did you think of this season? Were you impressed with the finale runway show? Did you like the results?

P.S. Is anyone else upset that Anthony Ryan didn't make it to the top 4?? I thought he was awesome!

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  1. i was bummed about anthony ryan too. i liked anya the best as well. joshua cracked me up, what a girl!!

  2. yeah, I'm pretty sure they kept Joshua on because he cried so dang much!! I honestly thought that Viktor would be the clear winner, but when his models walked out in all that sheer black, I knew Anya had it in the bag, no matter what she had!!
    I was very impressed by her vision, yet her sewing skills needed some tweeking. But at the end of the day, she is an incredible designer! You can always get a talented seamstress to sew what you can envision:)


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