The thing about plans...

Monday, November 14, 2011 that they rarely pan out exactly as you had hoped. And that is exactly what is happening around here right about now.

Our plan was to graduate and move this December. But instead we will be here, in school, for another semester! While Nate knows he will be taking his last couple of classes and working at the same place, we don't know what I'll be doing yet! I'm busy trying to figure out whether or not I should take some more classes next semester--which would let me keep my awesome on-campus job--or if I put myself straight into the work force. I already had one job interview which did not work out. So I'm already getting a little discouraged! 

While we are grateful to have the options that we do, it's hard to accept change. But with the Lord's help and our hard work, we have faith that it will all work out in the end! The following quote always helps in tough times like these: 

Source: via Lacey on Pinterest

Happy  Monday everyone! Later this week I am starting a series on how we planned our wedding!


  1. Change is always happening in the Kemp household. So I understand you completely! But you've got the right attitude, sister:) When we have prayed together and asked the Lord to guide us, miracles have happened! Pray for guidance and He will lead you down the path that is best for the Parr's. Love you!! Call me sometime!

  2. The EXACT same boat I am in! I was trying to decide if I should graduate after this semester or not. I decided I am going to graduate, but now I don't know where I will work or what I am going to do! It is stressful! But, I always know it will work out in the end, so come what may and love it, right? :)


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