Student Life: College Essentials

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A while back I posted some tips for saving money on textbooks, today I am sharing one my college essentials: a good backpack!

 Here is my backpack. I LOVE it. Nate and my roommates pitched in to buy it for my 20th birthday last year. It's the Northface Recon, in my favorite color, yellow (of course).

Its cushioned straps, chest and hips belts make it super comfortable when walking to campus with a load of books. The side mesh pockets are perfect for my water bottle and umbrella.

When I started college back home, I had little Jansport that I got simply because it was zebra-printed. Once I got to BYU, I quickly realized that was not gonna cut it. I then got another Jansport that was larger, but of similar (low) quality. I finally realized it was worth it to get something nicer that would last. Thankfully, I had a good boyfriend and friends who helped me out. :)

This backpack has already been through a lot with me! It went with me to Peru and has been on my back ever since. I love using it on hikes and maybe one day I'll use it as a diaper bag!
Do you have any products that helped you during college? I'd love to hear!


    1. Love this post! My Nalgene knock off water bottle, I took it with me everywhere. Also my canon camera and Nike tennis shoes. Staying hydrated, comfortable and documenting the whole thing! I miss college life:(


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