Adventures: Big Springs Park

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We took a last minute hike this weekend to Big Springs Park up Provo Canyon (directions at the bottom). We love this park! We actually had some of our engagements done there and we visited last winter. We took the "Big Springs" trail and loved it!
Some of the first fall leaves! 

I thought the "big springs" were a little anticlimatic because it was just a little trickle coming out of the ground (which eventually became a little river). But Nate, always the geologist, was appalled that I was not impressed. So he went on to explain how this valley formed geologically and how the springs were so important to the formation of it. I love having a smart husband :)
The photo on the left depicts a portion of the trail that is very much like Jurassic Park...full of ferns etc. So cool!
It's all about the details! We took home the berries and the yellow flowers for a "wilderness bouquet" for our kitchen :)
Taking some of the trail home with us :)

Go up Provo Canyon.
Take a right at Vivian Park and follow that road (South Fork Rd) until you see the Big Springs sign on the right.
It's easy to pass, so it might be easier to look for the equestrian sign on the left.

This park also has pavilions and grilling stations (and bathrooms!).
More info here.


  1. Hey we went there a few weeks ago (did we already tell you?) anyway, your pictures look fantastic. It is a cool trail. We were engaged somewhere in big springs ( we couldn't find the spot :)) so we like it too!


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