Crafting: Old Frame Re-do

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We've had this frame lying around for awhile, waiting to be fixed into something fun. While Nate worked so much over the Thanksgiving holiday, I finally sat down and got to work on it. Inspired by this project.

 I used little screws from Lowes that were just a couple dollars. I measured out where I wanted the twine to line up and screwed them in. I got these teeny clothespins at Michaels. Pretty easy project!

Here's a little detailed shot of one of the screws. 

I like this because it's an easy way to display lots of photos (or greeting cards!) without a bunch of little frames. It's in our bedroom now, but we could easily use it in the living room for postcards or family photos. 


  1. I made a frame like this for my wedding reception! I love it SO much!

  2. CUTE. Lacey I love it. I might just have to copy it. (: Sometimes I think we need to have a big craft party haha


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