Gibby Girls Retreat: Part III

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

H&M!!! I was probably annoying everyone while in here because I was going CRAZY! Everything was so beautiful and CHEAP! And it was HUGE! 3 STORIES! Above, Amanda is showing off a beautiful lace skirt. A little out of my price range unfortunately ($60). Erika was seriously thinking about buying those leather leggings ;) And isn't that fur coat nice? ;) But I actually bought a really cool skinny tie for Nate ($13), warm socks for me ($12) and really nice slacks for $15. I almost bought this blazer, but I had already spent so much at Old Navy, I couldn't justify it. Can't wait to go back for Christmas shopping! Also, they had an amazing men's department, so I am excited to take Nate!


On Saturday morning, Lora and Shellese helped us make these fun witch's hats for Halloween.

Aren't they cute?!


We stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home. Jennica is a big fan and tried to convince Erika and I that it's the best place for groceries. I'm not sure if I'm completely convinced yet, it's a little too granola-organic-all natural-hippy for me. But I did get some apple cider that was delicious. Everything in there just looks like it would taste like grass. But, the pretzels and veggie chips that Jennica and Erika got were actually pretty good. So maybe I will embrace my inner-hippy and shop at Trader Joe's when I get the chance.
I really loved spending time with the Gibby girls. I honestly feel so grateful to have married into such a wonderful, loving and welcoming family. Looking forward to many more retreats! :)


  1. dude, h&m is the best! It's my favorite part about going to the west/east coast (ok, not really). BUT they are opening one is slc area...we should go :)

    Also, I agree with TJ's being a little too hippy but man, their food is good. It's basically the only place we shopped when we lived in DC (it was a block away) and I LOVE IT. Their snacks, ice cream, cheese selection, pizza dough and some other stuff are amazing! Edamame hummus was to die for. I didn't buy a lot of their organicy/gluten free/whatever-free stuff on purpose...but their groceries that were close to "normal" we bought and if they happened to be organic or vegan...more power to ya, I guess!

  2. ummmm that $60 skirt is $30 in Florida. I think Vegas jacked up their prices on you. I could get it and ship[ it to you over night for way less than $60.

  3. oh, and I have a pair of leather leggings. They are too legit.


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