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Friday, September 30, 2011

Source: via Joy on Pinterest

This weekend the LDS Church is having the semi-annual General Conference. All over the world, people can hear from our prophets and apostles! I look forward to it all year. (Especially this one since the last one in April I was in pain!) Do you have any General Conference traditions? I think our's usually centered around pajamas, journal writing, a big yummy breakfast and lunch outside. Nate's tradition is to bike up the canyon and listen to the Saturday morning session on the radio. I am joining him this time around with a picnic. My bike isn't finished yet (but we are getting close! more about that next week), so I am driving up to meet him. You can watch General Conference online right over here.

Cotton and Curls has a great post this week about a ton of medical supplies that were donated to a nursing home on a teeny Chinese island by the LDS Church. Check it out here.

Did you hear about Facebook's new and completely different changes that are coming in a couple weeks? I think it sounds rather interesting! Check it out on their blog.

Really loving this simple kitchen.

Taking a drive up the Alpine Loop this weekend.

Perfect fall outfit.

Also, a Manhattan artist displays street etiquette. (via Designmom)

Have a lovely weekend! 


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