Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Big swelling on Sunday!

I got all four wisdom teeth removed last Friday.
They didn't put me under, instead, I was numbed and put on laughing gas.
I liked having my head and knowing what was going on.
But laughing gas is weird. It felt like I didn't have a body. I know, weird.
I have such a cool dentist. (Thanks Aunt Carol!) I watched Toy Story 2 while he pulled my teeth.
I won't gross you out with a photo of my teeth, but they were HUGE!

The worst part of numbing is still being that way even a few hours after I had left the dentist office.
He told me to take some pain meds before the numbness wore off.
Instead, I just choked on water.
But I count myself lucky with the little pain I've had.

The most annoying thing?
Only eating soft foods...while only chewing with my front teeth.
I've begun to crave sandwiches...of all things!

Big thanks to Aunt Janet and Uncle Kim for the yogurt, apple sauce and Gatorade.
The Georges were life-savers as usual!

My swelling was worst on Sunday...since then it's been little to none.
Yet Nate says he is starting to forget what my face looked like before. Sad!

Can't wait to be able to eat a cookie again! Woo!


  1. So sorry I couldn't be there for you during this difficult ordeal! So glad Nate was there for you and the Georges were able to visit during this time. I love you so-o-o much! I'm glad you are starting to eat real food again. Can't wait to see you next month.
    Love, mom


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