Adventures: Timpanogos Caves

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our good friends Holly and Morgan invited us to hike to the Timpanogos Caves this weekend. It was on our Utah checklist so we were pumped!  

Did you know this is a national monument? We had no idea. Well, Nate did. He always knows random facts like that.

The hike up is a little strenuous, but not too bad. Just take your time! We made it up in about 45 minutes. Being up there got us excited for fall because it was about 60 degrees (at about 8:00 AM)! 

The photos we took inside the caves turned out terrible, sorry I can't show you that!

When you complete the cave tour, ask the Park Ranger for a sticker :)

Thanks for an awesome adventure Holly and Morgan!!


  1. Thanks for coming!! It was so much fun! And yes "a little strenuous at the top" is a nice way to put it...haha


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