Adventures: Diamond Fork Canyon

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yes...another adventure post! But this is seriously my favorite place so far!! I knew I loved it the first time I came two summers ago. I finally made it back with Nate and we had a lovely time! *Warning: lots of photos! :)*

It's in Diamond Fork Canyon (map), which is in Spanish Fork Canyon. You take the Three Forks Trailhead turn which will take you to the trail that leads to the hot springs and waterfall shown below.

I remember the hike being much shorter when I last hiked it in 2009. Maybe because that was in the cooler month of May and not blistering hot August. But the hike is about 2 miles of a sloping up and down trail. Actually one of the easiest hikes I've been on because you aren't hiking up so much.

If you get hot and discouraged on the way...don't give up because it is far worth any pain you endure along the way!

You know you're close when you can smell the sulfur of the hot springs ;). There is a series of several little hot pools of varying temperatures. We jumped around in the cool-ish river first and then the hot springs were refreshing. But being August, we didn't stay in them too long. But aren't they pretty??

This is super shallow--about ankle deep--so with water shoes you can jump around.

This photo doesn't show it well, but you can actually sit behind the waterfall. It's a great spot to sneak a kiss or two ;)

At this point, Nate reminded me, "You know, the most common cause of death in the outdoors is still falling." I didn't stick around this ledge too much longer!

A little tip: in my experience in Utah, hot springs are often frequented by those of a um sketchier background. So, I have found that going in the middle of the week you find much fewer people around. We met only about 5 or 6 other ahem, normal people the whole time we were there.

The hike to and from the hot springs and the falls is beautiful as well! It's super nice because 95% of it is shaded and right next to the river.

Spanish Fork Canyon. Amazing.

Another little tip: Hike in using something comfortable like hiking shoes, but carry with you some good water shoes so you can play in the water with ease. Even if you have to use cheapo Wal-Mart ones like me :) Actually, the last time I went I slipped on some old (canvas) Vans for the water which worked great as well.

P.S. Also, if you go, don't be a tool and leave your garbage.

Happy hiking!


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