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Friday, July 22, 2011

This weekend, Nate and I are celebrating Pioneer Day with the rest of Utah (yay for no school or work on Monday!)

I'll be working on some more research for a class about healthy marriage initiatives in Florida. (So interesting!)

Nate is going rocking climbing with a buddy while I try out a new recipe!

Also, we completed our Chronicles of Narnia marathon last night with the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The third installment was a big let-down when compared to the first two. However, the Christian symbolism was way more apparent. My favorite had to do with resisting temptation in order to defeat the darkness and bring back lost souls.

Here are some lovely links to get you through your Friday :)

This little book looks so cute.

Love this extra large photobooth strip idea.

Cheeky card. Guess who it reminds me of?

This the cut & style I'm thinking of doing pretty soon. Thoughts?


  1. I love the cut! I've been looking for a way to perm my hair to have big waves - not sure if that's possible . . .


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