A Studying Saturday

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A little glimpse of Canada. We leave for Ontario a week from tomorrow!

I had big plans to get a lot of my online class done today.

But a few things got in the way.

Farmers Market with Holly.
Fail. But we'll try again in a few weeks.

Festival of Books.

Observing local wildlife.
Really procrastinating at this point.

Neighborhood barbecue.

Scooter ride with Kennedy.

Watching a little House.

Oh, and blogging.

P.S. My laptop is finally taking some of its lasts breaths. Maybe a Mac is in our near-ish future!


  1. Three things...

    1. Yes, the farmer's market was a fail, but I'm still glad we went :) And we will definitely try, try again!

    2. I kinda hope your laptop dies. That may sound mean, but it's not...it's just that Macs are simply awesome. So, I'll keep my fingers crossed that a Mac is in your "near-ish" future!

    3. Have fun in Canada!!


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