Nutritious Movement

Monday, August 1, 2016

Kids are such good examples of nutritious movement. Just look at Bridger's squat!
So here is what has been blowing my mind lately...

Nutritious Movement!
Listened to her podcast today about periods and wow! Going to save that one and listen again when mine comes back with a vengeance in a few (hopefully several) months, to remind myself this is part of being a healthy woman!

Also, I've just been really interested in pelvic health and Katy has lots of great stuff on that.

And listening to her podcast on restrictive clothing helped me realize that hey! Comfy clothes aren't really about being lazy! They are about being able to move in the ways that you need to and not being constricted by your clothing. So, good news. I don't have to worry about fitting back into my favorite shorts. Just ordered some new yoga pants. Sweet. It's about movement, people, okay? But really, when I squeeze into my old skinny jeans, I can't move around and play on the ground with the boys. I can't just stop, drop and yoga (like Bridger suggests all the time) if I'm wearing clothes that prevent me from moving.

So here's to more squats, more walking and less sitting!


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