Salt Lake City Library

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

While we are talking about books, I thought I would share some photos from this weekend when we stopped by the Salt Lake City library. Nate has always raved about the architecture, but I've never been. We were in SLC this weekend, so we dropped by. It was definitely worth the $1.00 parking fee! (And being growled at by a homeless man. SL can be a little scary.)
 The view at the entrance.

Looking up in the children's section.

The children's section has this cool castle place to read in...or run around in!

 And an ice castle! Wish I was a kid again.

Do you have a favorite library?


  1. So coool!! Wish I could take the kids to see it. Maybe one day...

  2. That looks soooo awesome! Definitely a place you'll have to keep taking Bridger to :)


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