Book Series: Thrifting for Books

Monday, March 11, 2013

My most recent haul. 11 books for $5.

In college, I started shopping at thrift stores pretty regularly. Buying used for many items is just smart when it saves you so much money and you save something from going to a landfill. I always bought used textbooks when I could find them. Since then, I buy my books used almost exclusively.  Amazon is great for that. Thrift stores and used book stores have great deals too.  Finding deals thrills me. This makes Nate roll his eyes. BUT it's seriously becoming a hobby! I was so excited when I found all these books last week. That Clifford book is one of the originals. Copyright 1963! And in great shape. I love finding deals like that! And honestly, that doesn't happen every time I walk into a thrift store. But when it does, I wanna do a back flip.

I was a little hesitant to start buying Bridger's book secondhand because, well, germs. But a couple of Clorox wipes later and they are good as new. And hopefully he grows up with literacy as well as thrift and a green lifestyle.

Do you ever buy your books used? Have any good places you would recommend?


  1. I buy used books pretty frequently. I felt the same way about getting used books for my little lady, but thank goodness for clorox wipes. They do the trick. I also like getting used because at this age, I love to let her play with the books and look at the pages without worrying that she's going to ruin them. If she does rip a page or drool all over them, I don't freak out because they didn't cost much.


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