Fashion blogger?

Friday, December 7, 2012

So I've decided to change this from a whatever-blog to a fashion blog.
That is definitely not my thing. I could argue that at some point it was. High school? 11th grade-ish? But now? Nope. Nate is lucky if he sees me with more than a flannel shirt and jeans these days. Because, let's face it, it's just gonna get puked (or pooped) on anyway. But I'm thinking about style tonight and Bridger is asleep (and so is Nate) so this is a post about style, ok?

So lately, I have felt the need to re-vamp my daily clothing choices. I've fallen into the "i'm a mom so why have style?" train of thought. And that can be dangerous. I mean first it's the occasional grocery trip in yoga pants and then I'm wearing running shoes with jeans. No offense if that is you. I probably should. My knees are already complaining about all the moccasins I wear.

Dressing nice makes me feel pretty and like I sorta got my crap together. Like, "oh yeah, i've changed 3 diapers, i curled my hair and hey look, i'm layering today and it's only 9am." Because that sounds like it would feel good, right?

So maybe I'll try it. Maybe I'll mix it up and wear a cardigan with a flannel shirt tomorrow. Maybe I'll even wear a necklace! Watch out. Things are getting crazy around here.

P.S. The above photo was taken while in the midst of our family holiday photo shoot with friends and yeah, it was the first time I've curled my hair probably since I got pregnant with Bridger. Ha! Also, I wear that cardigan almost everyday. And thanks to Erika for the awesome scarf. I loooove it.


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