Neon trees

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

 Nate got home from work in the middle of the day on Tuesday and said now is the time to see the colors changing! I fed Bridger and dressed him in his flannel and away we went!
 I don't know if I have ever seen so many colors! We really went on the perfect day!

Quick story. We stopped by Eddie Bauer last week and I fell in love with this coat. (Their women's line has been totally improved, no longer frumpy!) It was marked down from $129 to $60! (Looks like it's no longer available online, but here is a similar one).We decided since it was such a good buy and a coat I will probably use for a long time, that I could go ahead and get it. The only stipulation was that if Nate didn't get the job he is being interviewed for, then we would return it since we don't have a lot of spending money right now. Well, right after this photo was taken, Bridger let out a big burp and then spit up on it. So much for returning it. haha!
After seeing this view I wondered why it is that we are so anxious to leave Utah.
**We drove up the Squaw Peak trail in Provo Canyon. I think it was better than the Alpine Loop since you could see so much of the mountainside instead of just the trees along the road. It turns to gravel after a bit but isn't too muddy or rocky, but I would suggest taking an SUV just to be safe.


  1. beautiful pictures.
    I keep asking myself why I am leaving utah. Its such a cozy place.

    Also, your jacket is adorable. I'm glad you're keeping it.

  2. We love that drive!!! It is awesome :) Especially when you look down Rock Canyon!

  3. WOW. This is gorgeous! I wish I was there to soak it all in

  4. I love your pictures Lacey! What a beautiful drive! I'm glad you're enjoying Utah:)

  5. Oh how I miss the fall. There isn't anything like that in Arizona. Thanks for sharing!


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