A glider!

Monday, July 2, 2012

I feel like a mom already :)

I got this on KSL's classifieds for $20!
It was missing a screw, but Nate fixed that up in a jiffy.

I just need to figure out what I am going to do about those cushions. 
They aren't bad looking, but I'm not a big fan. 
Hopefully they will fit into our washers...
I would like to reupholster them.
Has anyone out there ever reupholstered cushions like this?
Any other ideas?


  1. I have a glider exactly like that that I recovered. I just un-stitched the cover, used it as a pattern, and sewed a new cover the exact same size. I didn't sew the lines down the middle of the top cushion because I don't think my sewing machine could handle it and it looks fine.

  2. Oh yeah, and if you are super ambitious, there is always this: http://www.rockpaperscissorgraphics.ca/Upload/glider.html

  3. I'm a big rit dye fan for the cushion!


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