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Friday, March 9, 2012

It's weird to me that now that I have all the time in the world, I blog much less. Last semester it seemed like I had at least a half-decent post 3-4 times a week. Now you're lucky to read a half-decent post once a week from me! I don't have any excuse's winter. Gray skies were never very inspiring to me. However, lately it has been really sunny and slightly warm. (Come on spring!!) So here is a quick-ish summary of my life lately.

As has become the pattern, I subbed twice this week. Both times at Provo High. Can I just say that I definitely do not miss high school? And I just laugh at the seniors who think they are the coolest things on the planet because in just a few months as they start their freshman year, they will be the least cool thing on the planet, or at least on their campus.

In other news, a fire has been lit underneath me and I am finally getting around to finishing my online class. I won't say if that has anything to do with it being due in two weeks.

I have also been researching strollers a good deal lately. I thought I was settled on the Bumbleride Indie, but why I kidded myself into thinking I needed a jogging stroller, I'm not sure. So I think we are going to go with a Quinny Buzz. That is if we can find a decent used one. No way am I paying $600+ for a stroller.

Last night I attended the BYU Blogger Meet-Up with Erika. It was at The Chocolate, so of course I enjoyed it! It was good for me to go out and be social. And it was fun to meet with other bloggers, even if I hadn't heard of most of them. I couldn't help but laugh (to myself and out loud at times) at the trendiness of all who attended. So many trends in one room! All the barrel-rolled curls and colored jeans and lace tops and heeled oxfords! It's more than one can stand! (For more than two hours at least). But maybe I was just jealous that I can't fit into my skinny jeans anymore and that I can never afford Anthro. (More photos and info about the Meet-up).

In happier news, Erika and I made friends with a fellow blogger, Kirsten. We spent our time chatting about married life, hoping to win the 3B Yoga gift bags and cursing the ones who did win them. But I can't be too upset, I did win $50 to Quincess Boutique in AF. And we all snagged a couple free passes to 3B Yoga. I'm gonna try the prenatal class soon!

Other random things that have been intriguing me lately:
Selling modest wedding dresses on eBay. Check 'em out!
Snow art.
Read this if you are interested in the purpose of KONY 2012.
These wooden toys for our little man.

As the weekend approaches, we are looking forward to more warm temperatures, movie night with friends and perhaps even a little fondue :)

Have a happy weekend.


  1. haha, i loved the part about all the trends. seriously. (not that I don't have SOME of them, but not all). also, I like those strollers. I was/am planning on getting this one (probably, now I have more time to look around):

    It's like the quinny but 1/3 - 1/4 the price? I love the ones where the seat faces you even when they aren't in a carseat.

    1. Amanda! Thanks for sharing about that stroller! How did I not see that before??

  2. bahaha saw this, cracks me up. seriously ive never felt so untrendy before in my life. but im ok with that. and you probably can still fit in your skinny jeans you tiny prego woman!


  3. Curse those people who got the Yoga bags. Jealous.
    and so true with the trends...the hipster inside of me was glad that I wasn't like everyone else hahah.


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