What we've been up to

Monday, February 20, 2012

Building things.
 Nate built us a little shelf/table for the microwave in the pantry. 
So nice to have more counter space now!

Nate has taken to studying for calculus using our living room window. 

Went on an ugly, yet invigorating hike in Springville this past weekend.

Not pictured:
I've continued to sub a few times a week.
Completely paying off our credit card debt thanks to our tax returns. (Such a relief!)
Counting down the days until our new niece or nephew arrives!
Tailoring all our clothes with our new sewing machine!
Making yummy pumpkin bread.
Loving life.

Have a lovely Monday!


  1. Nate's studying habits remind me of "A Beautiful Mind."

  2. Adam used to do that on the mirrored closets in the Bradenton Condo:)


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