My morning

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jump up and fight back the nausea.
Eat some almonds.
Jump up and run to the bathroom.
Kneel over the toilet.
Realize it's a false alarm.
Eat an orange.
And them some cereal.
Eat some more.
Do the mountain of dishes.
Take Nate some lunch.
Do more dishes.

Exercise of the running/jogging/walking sort.
Write paper for my online class.

Along with pregnancy books and child development textbooks, I've been reading personal birth stories. It puts the abstract idea of me giving birth into something I can actually picture. And I almost always cry. I can't wait to bring this little baby into the world.

Birth stories I've read recently:
C. Jane Enjoy It (isn't her photo so cheesy?)
     An at-home birth. This blows my mind. Births have always been associated with hospitals for me.
The Daybook.
     I literally cried real tears during this one. (Darn those hormones!)
Bleubird Vintage.
     Another at-home birth but in a tub this time. How do women do this?
     She has a collection of birth stories from lots of mothers and all types of births!

Footnote: Don't let those au-naturale birth stories lead you to believe that will be me! We plan on the whole hospital-epidural-and-any-other-drugs-they-will-give-me approach. :)


  1. I'm sorry you are feeling sick! that is nooo fun. Also, i feel you on the mountain of dishes. story my whole dang life and there is more to do now. haha!

    and cool stories! I like finding those.


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