Weekend Wrap-up + Friday Links

Friday, October 14, 2011

Again, I really appreciate all of your thoughtful comments on Disney Princesses: Good or Evil?. I actually had the post written about two weeks ago and finally got the nerve to post it. I tried to be as objective as possible, and I hope that was apparent. But for full disclosure, I LOVE Disney and will be showing as many of the movies as I can to our (future) little girls and little boys. I think the stories and the characters are wonderful. But, what really matters is what we reinforce at home. So thank you for indulging me in that discussion.

So in light of our discussion this week, the links I want to share with you are all about fairytales. Enjoy!

Want your children to be intelligent?


Fairytales in real life. So in love with these!

Just for laughs...hipster princesses.

Princess hobbies.

Princesses and their parents.

Fairytale wedding photograph. Can't wait to try this sometime!

Castle clubhouse!

A true fairytale.

And setting the record straight.

Have a magical weekend!


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