Primary: The Key to Quiet Feet and Reverant Arms

Friday, August 5, 2011

Last week in Primary as I was trying to teach our little ones about how Jesus wants us to love everyone, they were more interested in practicing karate and building forts with the chairs and proclaiming themselves, "King of the Chair Tower!" (Anyone know a good course on classroom management?? :) But as soon as I pulled out this book, 3 pairs of little energetic feet came to sit quietly in front of me. 3 little mouths hung open in pure concentration. Perhaps they have been trained by their parents to be still during story time (if so, bless them!), no matter the cause, I was grateful!

They loved the story! This one fit perfectly into the lesson. This is now my secret (well, not so secret anymore) weapon! Another good reason to continue building up our children's books collection! Have any good suggestions for children's books that would work great with Primary?

P.S. More ideas for Primary on my Primary Page! :)


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