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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I thought I would share the photobooks we have made in the past few months using Shutterfly. Which actually turned out to be a little frustrating, but I think I got better with every book we purchased. There are probably nicer photo companies out there, but this one was in our budget.

First, our engagements done by Kelli Brown.

And then one book just for our reception. (Photography by Kristen Stone). I found it to be cheaper to split it into two books than to pay for extra pages in one book. Both of our weddings books were supposed to be "free" (other than shipping) but I went over the 20 page limit--even with splitting the events into two books. (We had about 30 pages for each wedding book).

And here is our wedding day book (also by Kristen Stone). Also supposed to be free, but again, I went over the page limit. If you like Shutterfly, sign up for their e-mails and you will periodically get loads of free stuff like photobooks and prints. I just made these books in advance and then waited for the free code to come along :) Also, this book is my favorite because I used their new Custom Path. I think the Custom Path is loads and loads better because you can make your photos as big as you want (plus a bunch of other customizations).

If you like, you can see the rest of the pages in each book at my Shutterfly share site.

Plus, more of our wedding photos.


Photos taken while sitting in our hammock :)


  1. I need to do something like that with our wedding photos. It has been 4 years and I still haven't done anything.

    By the way, your blog is cute! and I want to try out some of your hiking suggestions.

  2. That is a great idea. I still need to get a book together. Shanna told me about your blog...I love it so far!


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